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Тесты по английскому языку к УМК «Spotlight» (из методического портфеля учителя гимназии)

Авторcтво: Бойцова Ольга Михайловна, учитель английского языка ГОУ № 73 «Ломоносовская гимназия» Выборгского района Санкт-Петербурга

Уважаемые коллеги!

За многие годы работы в школе по различным УМК - «Enterprise», «Laser», «Upstream» и другим, я постоянно сталкивалась с проблемой списывания учащимися стандартных тестов к этим учебникам. Поскольку учащиеся сегодня имеют возможность не только приобретать книги для учителя, но и имеют свободный доступ к ключам тестовых заданий через Интернет, приходится разрабатывать свои тесты к этим УМК, что, безусловно, требует много усилий и времени. Поэтому хочу поделиться своими наработками, которые, как мне кажется, помогут в постоянной борьбе со списыванием и сделают контроль знаний действительно объективным. Второй год работаю с УМК «Spotlight» для общеобразовательных школ, поэтому уже составила тесты и самостоятельные работы почти ко всем модулям «Spotlight» для и 7, 8, 10 и 11 классов. Хочу предложить сегодня один из них. Тест 4 предполагает контроль лексики и грамматики изученного Модуля 4 и рассчитан по времени на 45 минут. Контроль чтения и аудирования проводится на следующем уроке.

«Spotlight 10»

Test 4 (Module 4)

A . Fillinthecorrectword. One word is EXTRA.

protected, reused, eliminated, swapped, stored, released.

1. He … all unnecessary things from his house.

2. Oxygen from the water is …into the atmosphere.

3. Nuclear waste is … close to the town.

4. I believe all things should be …as much as possible.

5. Many of the houses weren’t … against flood damage.

B. Choose the correct answer A, B or C.

6. We don’t need to buy fertilizer for our garden as we have a compost … .

A hill B home C heap

7. New laws are aimed at reducing vehicle … .

A emissions B amounts C crops

8. Modern transport … and pollutes our cities.

A increases B helps C congests

9. You should … empty jars and bottles out to use them to store other things.

A cut B rinse C turn

10. They … us to use recycled paper.

A encourage B release C decompose

11. My sister likes to … comics with her friends.

A swap B wrap C reduce

12. Silver paper is very harmful to the nature because it … very slowly.

A releases B decomposes C decreases

13. Our family … money to environmental organizations.

A increases B congests C donates

14. You have to cut … your energy consumption.

A up to B out on C down on

15. He wasted little time in finding a … for me.

A replacement B consumption C packaging

C. Choose the correct word.

16. It was a very dangerous journey through the dessert/desert.

17. Scientists are studying the chemical’s affect/effect on the environment.

18. Some animals are under/in threat because their habitats are being destroyed.

19. I hope you decide not to accept their offer because we’ll be sorry to loose/lose you.

20. They asked us weather/whether we were married.

21. You’re under/in great danger here.

D. Fill in the correct word derived from the word in bold.

22. It’s … to buy cigarettes in Britain if you’re under 16. Legal

23. They admitted that it had been … for him to comment on the matter. Appropriate

24. He was … single-minded about his career. Possible

25. We had to go out because the smell in the room was very … . Pleasant

26. The instructions are … as the task is quite simple. Necessary

27. It was … of him to allow this to happen. Responsible

E. Choose the correct word.

28. Can/Should I ask you a question?

29. Will/Shall we go out for lunch today?

30. You must/shouldn’t stay at home if you are ill.

31. Tommy can’t/couldn’t tell the time when he was a baby.

32. My book can’t/mustn’t be in the house. I’ve looked everything.

33. You haven’t/needn’t clean the windows. I’ve already done them.

34. Will/Shall I help you?

35. Sam leftlate for the airport this morning. He should/could have missed his flight.

F. Rephrase the following sentences in as many ways as possible.

36. It isn’t necessary for him to take the exam again.

37. I’m sure Terry isn’t at the office.

38. It is possible that Jane will call me this evening.

39. You aren’t allowed to eat and drink in the classroom.

40. We are obliged to clock in and out every day.

41. Would you like me to do anything to help?

42. Sam managed to reach the top of the mountain after climbing for several hours.

43. How about throwing a party on your birthday.

G. Choose the correct answer A, B or C.

44. Yesterday we ran … Tim on our way to the cinema.

A onto B to C into

45. My friend is an avid supporter … Greenpeace.

A of B about C at

46. This car runs … unleaded petrol.

A with B in C on

47. He has almost run … this old lady!

A into B over C on

48. I feel strongly … recycling.

A on B about C in

H. Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first. Use the word in bold. Use two to five words.

49. I advise you to take a course in literature.

Should You … in literature.

50. It is possible that the police are questioning him.

May The police … him.

51. You should be more careful.

To You … more careful.

52. You mustn’t throw litter in the park.

Allowed You … litter in the park.

53. It wasn’t necessary for her to give me a lift, but she did.

Have She … me a lift.

I. Choose the correct response.

54. It’s very cold today!

A That sounds cool.

B I know what you mean.

55. They started to cut down the forest again!

A That’s shocking.

B I don’t fancy it.

56. I heard that tigers will soon disappear.

A Maybe all is not lost.

B I’m crazy about it.

57. I read somewhere recently that some countries already have a water crisis.

A I agree.

B That’s horrible!

58. Did you get caught in the rain?

A Yeah, I’m soaking wet!

B I’m really into it.


1. Eliminated 11. A 21. in

2. Released 12. B 22. illegal

3. Stored 13. C 23. inappropriate

4. Reused 14. C 24. impossibly

5. Protected 15. A 25. unpleasant

6. C 16. Desert 26. unnecessary

7. A 17. Effect 27. irresponsible

8. C 18. Under 28. can

9. B 19. Lose 29. shall

10. A 20. Whether 30. Must

31. couldn’t 41. Could/Shall/Can

32. can’t 42. Was able to

33. needn’t 43. Could/can/why don’t you

34. shall 44. C

35. could 45. A

36. needn’t/doesn’t have to/doesn’t need to 46. C

37. can’t be 47. B

38. may/might/could 48. B

39. mustn’t/can’t/may not

40. have to

49. should take a course

54. B

50. may be questioning 55. A

51. ought to be 56. A

52. aren’t allowed to throw 57. B

53. needn’t have given 58. A